Tilman Ehrhorn is a producer, composer, saxophone/reed player and sound designer.
  Besides his assignment as a professor of music design and music theory and regular work in theater, tv-, radio- and cd-productions he has established himself as a composer as well as a performing artist in clubs, festivals and concert tours all over the world. Before he graduated with a music degree from colleges in The Netherlands and in Germany he also took music lessons with highly reputed jazz artists in New York/USA as well as in Europe and took part in many workshops.
  He has collaborated with commissioners like Goethe Institut, Auswärtiges Amt (German Office Of Foreign Affairs), Landesmusikrat Niedersachsen (Council Of Music of the County of Lower Saxony), with Ensembles like NDR Bigband, Hamburger Sinfoniker, L'Atelier d'Orchestre and with musicians like Wayne Shorter, Brian Blade, Nils Wogram, Albert Mangelsdorff etc.
  Lately he has concentrated his efforts on a solo project in electronic music, as well as continuing to work as a jazz musician. Since samplers and synthesizers are the only source of sound, it evolves in a completely different way to jazz and improvised music, the major focus being the development of the individual elements of sound and their function within the composition.


Solo project with samplers and synthesizers as source of all sound. A major focus is the development of several distinct elements of sound and their function within the composition. Most of the sounds are based on micro fragments of samples, which are designed and edited to create a pad or a rhythmical sound. Sometimes the sounds develop through modulation of sine waves.
 The concept behind all the compositions is defined through a basic layer of sound, or a rhythmical pattern to which elementary sounds are added on different levels. These elements consist of sound material, which was found incidentally, or is made from remains of samples, which acquire new meaning by extensive editing and design.
 The polyrhythmical shift of some percussive, minimal sound fragments creates a subtly changing rhythmical flow, which does not interfere with the structure of the loops in the perceived foreground, but rather enhances the entire ensemble sound.
 The manipulation of the original sound material allows it to fulfill new and unexpected functions in terms of the compositional development of sounds. Thus, a modulated sound pad could -when looped- become more rhythmically
structured and a series of clicks could be perceived as a sheet of sound.
  In addition to influences from contemporary electronic music, modern jazz is an important source of inspiration for the compositions. Sound design, which is developed in a non-conventional way, using elements of chance, has similarities with the improvisational niveau of jazz and contemporary composed music, in which the mood and character play an important role.
 The structure of the tunes is fundamental to their atmosphere. A dynamic process is developed within longer sections, which are defined by repeated minimal phrases with constant small changes and seemingly incidental cuts.
The warmth and stillness of the overall sound is also characterized by the modal, continuous melodic and harmonic development.

TILMAN EHRHORN decided to leave the sax in the case and did some solo electronics instead of for both his first record releases

WERKEN is an a.k.a of Tilman´s other electronic project, presenting an ambient sounding and experimental side of his producing skills, all sounds are created on a nord modular synth



• 2011 Tilman Ehrhorn - Past Utopia/Neo Ouija

• 2009 Werken - Sum/Zymogen

• 2005 Tilman Ehrhorn - Heading For The Open Spaces/Resopal Schallware (Neuton + Roughtrade)

• 2003 Tilman Ehrhorn - Task/Mille Plateaux (EFA)


• 2008 Diaspora: Cottage Industries 5/Neo Ouija

• 2008 Remote Thoughts/Dalaki

• 2007 Anniversary Compilation/Natural Media

• 2004 Clicks & Cuts 4 Compilation/Milleplateauxmedia (Hart)


• 2011 Glitterbug - Egress/False Industries

• 2009 Various Artists - Talking to Ghosts/Palalcmusic

• 2007 MAQ - Indiejazz/Jazz4Ever

• 2007 Educa Lux- Few/Height Mansion


• 2013 Young Voices Brandenburg - 1000

• 2009 Nils Wogram´s Lush -Pretty Good News/Unit Records

• 2009 Andy Vaz/Alton Miller -Different Hours Revisited EP/Yore Records

• 2008 Andy Vaz -Different Times EP/Yore Records

• 2007 Andy Vaz -Humanization EP/Yore Records

• 2007 Berlin Voices - States Of Mind/Van Dyck

• 2006 Julia Hülsmann Trio with Roger Cicero - Good Morning Midnight/ACT

• 2005 Alony-Unravelling/Intuition


creating preset-sounds as well as producing demosongs for for miscellanious software synths of Berlin-based company Native Instruments such as MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4 and FM 8, doing some structural work for the development of controller software KORE 2


In june 2014 Tilman Ehrhorn was appointed professor of music design, music theory and ear training at SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (University of Applied Sciences), being employed as research assistant and doing lectureship before.
  He is performing at clinics all over Europe, as well as being a member of jury of the competition Jugend Jazzt Niedersachsen and teaching at workshops for the Landesmusikrat Niedersachsen and for the Landesjugendjazzorchester Niedersachsen.


NILS WOGRAM SEPTET is a jazz ensemble, lead by star trombonist/composer Nils Wogram, Tilman is featured as a soloist and ensemble player, the band is regulary touring for gigs on jazz festivals all over Europe and is doing cd- and broadcast recordings as well

SOLID MINUTE is Tilman´s latest band project based in Berlin with psycehdelic and progressive rock influenced original compositions, just finsishing the first recording

NDR BIGBAND is the Bigband of the Northern German Broadcast placed in Hamburg, where Tilman is engaged occasionally -amazing guest stars like Wayne Shorter, Albert Mangelsdorff, Brian Blade a.o.

BERLIN ART ORCHESTRA is a Berlin-based jazz orchestra ever and anon inviting some of the leading composers of the european contemporary jazz scene to perform there music. Tilman fills different positions within the saxophone section.

SIDEMAN engagements at several ensembles, big bands and orchestras around the world


• 2012 Nils Wogram Septet – Complete Soul/Nwog Records

• 2008 Joo Kraus - Sueño/edel Content

• 2007 Alejandro Sanchéz Nonett + 1 - Schärfe Einer


• 2005 Nils Wogram Septet – Swing Moral/Enja

• 2003 Albert Mangelsdorff und die NDR-Bigband - Music For Jazz Orchestra/Skip Records

• 2003 Stefan Schultze Trio feat. Hanna Jursch u. Tilman Ehrhorn/Tonikum

• 2000 Jazzhaus Orchestra Hamburg/Schoener-Hoeren

• 1999 The Q - Volume One /Tonbox

• 1998 BuJazzO - Focus On Vocals/Mons Records

• 1998 Blueprint Stage -Puzzle/Mons Records

• 1998 Szene-Sampler`98 (Tilman Ehrhorn Quintett) - Jazz Made In Hamburg/Birdland Records


working at miscellaneous theater-, show- und musical productions, tv-and radio productions, such as Thalia Theater, Hamburg, Hamburger Kammerspiele, Theater Lübeck, Buddy - Das Musical, Pomp Duck & Circumstance and Berliner Ensemble


• 2004 Pigor singt, Benedikt Eichhorn muss begleiten Volumen 4/Tacheles!

• 2003 Geschwister Pfister - Have A Ball/Traumton


commissioned to compose and work as a reedplayer for radio plays and audio books


• 2018/19 Anna Böhm - Die Sache mit dem Schutzengel/Deutschlandfunk Kultur

• 2017 André Kannstein - Der römische Dolch/Deutschlandfunk Kultur

• 2016 Dirk Josczok - Leichtes Spiel/Südwestrundfunk (SWR)

• 2015 Cécile Wajsbrot - Sirenengesang/Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR)

• 2015 Tom Peuckert - Schröders Tod/Deutschlandradio Kultur

• 2014 Die drei ??? Phonphobia -Sinfonie der Angst 2014 - Live DVD/Europa

• 2014 Katharina Schlender - Das Geschenk/Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

• 2012 Wolfram Höll - Und dann/Deutschlandradio Kultur

• 2010 Hella von Sinnen -Hummel Hilf! - Lyrik meets Comedy 2/Der Audio Verlag

• 2010 Die drei ??? und der seltsame Wecker 2009 - Live DVD/Europa

• 2010 Jens Johler - Kritik der mörderischen Vernunft/Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

• 2008-2010 Henning Mankell - Wallander - Series with 10 CDs/ Hörverlag

• 2009 Christoph Maria Herbst + Horst Evers - Kängt ein Guruh - Lyrik meets Comedy/Der Audio Verlag

• 2008 Oliver Rohrbeck - Die Messerkönigin/Lauscherlounge

• 2007 Oliver Rohrbeck, Jens Wawrczeck, Andreas Fröhlich - Drei Erzählungen/Lauscherlounge

• 2005 Donna Leon – Beweise das es böse ist/ Hörverlag

• 2003 Henning Mankell - Vor dem Frost/Hörverlag

• 2002 Roddy Doyle - Rover rettet Weihnachten/BMG Random House Audio

• 2001 Roddy Doyle - Das große Giggler Geheimnis/BMG Random House Audio

• 1999 Erich Kästner - Ein Mann gibt Auskunft/Deutsche Grammophon

• 1999 A. Jacobsson/S.Olsson - Berts gesammelte Katastrophen/Deutsche Grammophon

• 1999 A. Jacobsson/S.Olsson - Berts intime Katastrophen/Deutsche Grammophon